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Monday, December 22, 2014 Glowing

After one month of absence, there's a new post. I still can't say I'm back for posting regularly because as you can see I post once in a month. That's a bit depressing, because every time I think I'm motivated and devoted to the blog, I don't and I find myself take pictures one time in a month. I missed it actually.
On Black Friday my dad wanted to spoil me and bought me this dress in Aliexpress (the cheapest clothes ever!). I am in love with this dress and I think when summer will come, I'll wear it on every day basis (not kidding). I know the galaxy trend is over, but he didn't know it, and who cares? It's a gorgeous dress!
In Israel we are having a small vacation right now, and all I'm doing is listening to Alex Turner, playing in my phone and in my iPad and doing schoolwork. Also in my bucket list, is the book 'Hollow City' that I must read. But the vacation ends on Wednesday, not so fun ha? wish me luck in school :) I also scheduled another post for you because I love you <3
xoxo, Mai ♥
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Saturday, November 15, 2014 November Ispiration

Sweater weater & hot chocolate ��
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*all the photos are from we♥it
Hello my loves!! I couldn't stand it anymore and I decided to post an ispiration post. I've been very busy lately, and this week I'm not gonna be at home excpet from one day. Bascially, I have 2 trips - each one is 2 days. I'll have a lot to catch up with in school, but I'm sure it will be worth it.
I wanna tell you something: I've been thinking about the blog lately and how much I fiind it hard to post here every week. I thought about quiting. BUT I read my emails and I recieved a lot of lovely comments about Stormia and also in the blog itself, the comments are so nice, then why shouldn't I stay? I know that I'm not posting much as I used to, but believe me that I'm doing the best I can, and I think I can try even harder for you. I have to get ready for the trip tomorrow so I guess I'll post here on Friday :)
xoxo, Mai ♥
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Thursday, October 30, 2014 Boats, Boats, Boats!

wearing: Jeans- Forever 21/ Top- Shahar Levi c/o/ Heels- Call It Spring/ Rings- Born Pretty c/o
Hello Internet people , 'sup? Only one week and a half has gone since my last post in here- I'm proud of myself! This week has flew by, and I seriously didn't sense that- It was so fast. Last week I was sick for about 5 days, but I'm over it, and everything is alright now. I missed some school days and I had a lot to catch up but I did it, and I also missed a very important History test. I am actually a little bit scared to start the new week because it's gonna be hectic. So Many Tests. HELP.
This outfit is one of my favorites: A simple black jeans from Forever 21, a peplum top by Shahar Levi, and a beautiful pair of heels from Call It Spring. So classy. I tried to take this outfit pictures for about 3 times but all of the photos came out looking weird and funky. Eventually I decided to upload these photos, because I think they came out looking beautiful with those boats in the background. Forgot to tell you that this is the third collaboration post with Shahar Levi, and I have a reason to think it might be the last one.. :/ Also for the good news: Winter's coming (no I don't see GOT lol). More outfit pictures are on their way. Love you to the moon and back,
xoxo, Mai ♥
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